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Certified Medical Technologist Team Lead Resume Template (TEXT FORMAT)

Willmott Latia
Certified Medical Technologist Team Lead
93 6th Gainestown Avenue,State College, PA 64414


My name is Latia Willmott. I'm 36 years old and looking forward to take a position of Certified Medical Technologist Team Lead in your company. I'm certified in American Board Opticianary(ABO) certification . With over 13 years of expirience in Demonstrates professional work habits and interpersonal skills and Knowledge of commonly used medical record forms. .


Certified Medical Technologist Team Lead
Dornellas Medico , Stanley, PA
2016 to Present
  • Write SOPs for methods used in the laboratory, generate and maintain written records for supplies inventory
  • Assure quality and adequacy of testing, reference and consultation services are maintained
  • Use independent technical judgment to analyze and interpret laboratory results
  • Monitors quality control and inventory of supplies and reagents. Maintains a safe work area
  • Perform all duties in an independent manner with minimal direct supervision
  • May manage budgetary information for the department and provide approval for reagent and supply purchases
Lead Medical Technologist Core Lab
3rd Consinated Medico , Erie, PA
2013 – 2016
  • Assists the Supervisor to ensure accurate and timely results of all procedures performed in the department
  • Coordinates quality control programs and assures compliance with the proficiency-testing program in the unit
  • Prepares reagents properly, with the appropriate documentation, and in a timely manner to prevent delays
  • In lower workload time, performs order audits or other functions to improve quality
  • Works as a technologist during periods of short staffing or as needed on weekends, holidays or off hour shifts
Lead Medical Technologist / Evenings
Laughon Medico Associates , Rutherford, TN
2012 – 2013
  • Works with Physician to analyze results and conduct more difficult, non-routine tests
  • Enabling commercialisation of the team’s research product by Citi’s equity sales and trading platform globally
  • Problem solve to adapt standard clinical procedures to the individual client's need
  • Review and follow current literature to maintain state-of-art-methodology and technologies in the Clin Lab field
  • Proficient in the daily maintenance and quality control requirements of Automated Hematology Instrumentation
Lead Medical Technologist Ascp-microbiology
Stpierrie Medico , Zion, IL
2009 – 2012
  • Perform assigned proficiency testing in the in the same manner as patient samples, as closely as possible
  • Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information and adheres to HIPPA guidelines
  • Choose classroom teaching methodologies appropriate to student level and course content material
  • Solves testing problems, develops new solutions to testing problems, and performs newer/more complex tests and examinations
Medical Technologist Ascp Prn-general Lab
Gaithersburg Pharma , Caledonia, MI
2006 – 2009
  • Serves as the team leader of a section (Chemistry, Hematology, Coag.) of the Core Lab
  • Performs scheduled preventative maintenance and calibrations on instruments and equipment
  • Deal effectively, compassionately, and diplomatically with frustrated patients, families, staff, and providers
  • Ensure efficient operations by using appropriate supplies with minimal waste and using down time constructively


Degree in Healthcare specialisation
University of Vernon, VT
2002 – 2006


  • Demonstrates professional work habits and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of commonly used medical record forms
  • Bilingual: English, Spanish and other languages are beneficial
  • Skill to maintain, troubleshoot and repair laboratory instrumentation
  • Working knowledge of Medical Terminology


Mikesell Belen
Head of Healthcare
Dornellas Medico
Yancey Sunday
Head of Healthcare
3rd Consinated Medico

Salary for Medical Technologist job

National Average
min max
$20,000 $400,000

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