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Doctor's career: Where to start?

Many doctors who have made a good career in the field of medicine started working in their student years: they got jobs as junior medical workers in hospitals, at clinic receptions, pharmacies, laboratory assistants, etc. And they tried to choose a profession closest to their future specialty. This is a great opportunity to replenish the work history in the ats friendly resumes, and one day you will definitely need to prepare one for yourself at the beginning of a serious professional path. Therefore, the sooner you begin to gain practical experience, the more chances you will have to build a successful doctor’s career.

But medical career has its own features. If you want to achieve career heights in medicine, these tips will be helpful.

  1. The narrowness and closeness of the profession is most characteristic precisely in medicine. And this fact especially plays into the hands of highly qualified specialists. Yes, this means that you will have to be especially careful in choosing your place of work and target your resume even more carefully than representatives of other specialties. In the world of medicine, you cannot make a sharp career turn: if you have the experience of a nurse, you will not succeed in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. And that's not because you will not be able to write a competitive resume using proper emt sample resume like this one In the medical field, many areas are interfaced, but the specifics of the work are very delicate and there is no possibility of mutual replacement of specialists.

The world is small here, family ties are very common. Therefore, you should work well everywhere and always. How many jobs you will not change, everywhere you will meet relatives, friends and acquaintances of your former colleagues. Therefore, you can't erase past mistakes and start a new career.

  1. Maintain professional solidarity. In no case do not try to criticize the patient doctor who examined him before you. You will not only undermine the authority of that specialist in the eyes of the patient, but also lose his respect and self-confidence.

  2. If you want to opt for a vertical career in the field of medicine, you must understand that the administrator is not the specialist who has the best medical practice, but the one who has excellent leadership and organizational skills. Moreover, managers usually do not lead patients.

The doctor, if desired, can make an excellent career in medicine.There are several options: move up the administrative ladder, go in the scientific direction, just work hard and conscientiously and combine this with private practice.

doctor career

A doctor’s career needs to be planned and developed.

It is required:

The most popular at the moment are narrow-profile specialists working in new areas of medicine.

Among the new requirements that employers have begun to make to doctors recently are PC knowledge and knowledge of a foreign language. The first requirement has practically become mandatory, and the second is desirable. With knowledge of a foreign language, you will have the opportunity to study foreign medical literature, go on exchange internships, work on a contract in another country, etc.

In recent years, employers' requirements for the doctor’s ability to communicate competently with patients, resolve conflicts at the reception, etc. have grown. Therefore, specialists, even of a high professional level, who do not know how to communicate with patients (answer questions, explain their actions, take into account patients' requests) will be much less in demand. Fortunately, now there are training companies that train doctors specifically in communication with patients, what they don’t teach in medical universities.

A doctor can also make a career in non-practical medicine (in medical tourism, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment). The payment here, even for young professionals, is quite high.

If you set a goal - to build a successful career as a doctor - try to work efficiently at all stages, regularly improve your professional level at seminars and trainings, and treat patient problems with sincere interest. And then you will definitely achieve your goals.