Medication Aide Job Opening

Medication Aide

Belle Terrace & Ridgeview Towers

Tecumseh, Nebraska
Category: Nursing Assistant

Ridgeview Towers of Tecumseh, Nebraska is the best place to be when you or your loved one cannot be at home. We are nationally recognized. We are a skilled nursing facility offering the comfort of a home-like atmosphere with the highest quality of compassionate nursing care. We are currently looking for a Medication Aide to join our dynamic and growing team!


1. Neat, clean appearance – Dress according to policy.

2. Remains alert and awake for their entire shift.

3. Answers pagers promptly and takes care of seniors needs as quickly as possible in a kind, considerate manner.

4. Aware of senior’s rights.

5. Strive to help seniors become and stay as independent as possible.

6. Aware of dietary needs assists seniors with diet as necessary.

7. Strives for safe, accident free environment.

8. Attends In-services.

9. Performs duties in accordance with policies and procedures initiated by the facility.

10. Arrives at work at the proper time and listens to report from the previous shift. Assists the previous shift with any functions that still need to be performed before the end of the shift.

11. Passes medications in a sanitary manner being aware of all policies on medications

12. Charts appropriately on each resident as deems necessary by situations that arise, charts all meds accurately in appropriate place.

13. Writes objectively any information that must be passed along to other shifts.

14. MA reports directly to the LPN/RN with any change in senior’s condition and follow protocols.

15. Assist any senior with minimal care such as: bathing, dressing, making beds, insuring that the senior gets to dining room, etc.

16. Insures that an adequate amount of medicine is on hand for each senior.

17. Works well with other employees of Ridgeview Towers so that there is a pleasing atmosphere for all seniors and staff.

18. Reports directly to LPN/administrator.