Unit Clerk Job Opening

Unit Clerk

Fairfield Medical Center

Lancaster, Ohio
Category: Unit Clerk

Performs clerical/receptionist duties. Under the direction of the Team Leader/Supervisor/Registered Nurse, responsible for watching monitors, maintenance of patient charts, transcription of orders and answering telephones. Performs all duties and responsibilities in accordance to the established FMC policies, procedures and guidelines.

Job Qualifications

Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent.

Experience: Previous clerical support or healthcare experience preferred. On the job training.

Job-related Skills: Strong interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills. Professional telephone etiquette.

Organizational Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Mission and Service Values
    • Empathy – Demonstrates a willingness to understand others’ perspectives, without labeling or judging; treats others with compassion and is personally engaged in providing patient and family-centered care.
    • Integrity—Takes responsibility for own words and actions; has passion and courage to do the right thing; delivers on promises and commitments; is honest and achieves excellence in all things through ethical and legal behavior.
    • Stewardship—Uses FMC resources wisely; respects the time and resources of patients, family and peers; shows pride in FMC and gives back to the Center and community with time, talent and /or money.
    • Agility—Demonstrates courage to take initiative to find creative solutions; anticipates concerns and responds promptly; minimizes bureaucracy and explores opportunity for growth.
    • Teamwork—Works collaboratively, not in silos; treats others with courtesy and respect; assumes good intent and welcomes differing viewpoints; creates a spirit of belonging and fellowship within FMC; embraces the FMC culture.
  • Commitment and Engagement
    • Quality—Demonstrates commitment to improve individual performance and contributes to team accomplishments and quality improvement initiatives.
    • Safety—Creates and maintains a safe and clean work environment and reports unsafe conditions to the appropriate individuals.
    • Service—Recognizes and anticipates the needs of customers and strives to surpass customer expectations; utilizes AIDET, TeamSTEPPS and other tools to avoid and/or resolve concerns with the best possible outcome.
    • Sustainability—Demonstrates timely, accurate and cost-conscious use of resources in the daily work.
  • Personal Engagement
    • Organization Commitment—Complies with FMC policies, procedures, work instructions and guidelines; reports compliance or ethical concerns to appropriate personnel; does not gossip but works to create a positive work experience with others.
    • Personal Commitment—Demonstrates ownership of the job; willing to step up and help others; works across departmental lines; is fully present at work—physically and emotionally; maximizes own talents and that of others.
    • Personal Growth—Demonstrates a commitment to ongoing learning; completes all mandatory education and participates in learning events/opportunities/experiences to enhance on-the-job performance.

Essential Job Functions

Job Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Observes telemetry monitors and alerts RN of changes.
  • Maintains additional patient packets.
  • Updates patient charts, graphs vital signs, heights and weights.
  • Performs general receptionist duties: answers phone, screens calls, refers calls, takes messages, greets and assists visitors, etc.
  • Transcribes physician orders and has knowledge of order entry system.
  • Monitors patient destination and location of patient charts.
  • Answers intercom promptly and communicates patient needs to appropriate nursing staff.
  • Maintains department records and statistics.
  • Orients and trains new employees.

Physical Capacity Demand

Physical Activity

Specific Job Task

Testing Instruction


1. Floor to waist level

2. Chest level

1- 5# for misc. supplies/equipment

1-5# misc. supplies/equipment

1-Lift box F-W with 5# x 2 reps

2-Lift box W-Chest with 5# x 2 reps

Positional Tolerances

Overhead Work

Acquiring/placing charts and other misc. office supplies


Valpar 9-Timed Work to 2 mins.

Manipulating parts on panel 2


Copier use, acquiring charts on lower shelves

Valpar 9-Timed Work to 2 mins.

Manipulating parts on panel 3


Desk/computer work

Provide with exercises, while seated x 30 mins.

Body Mechanics:

Body Mechanics will be continuously evaluated by the therapist throughout the process. Improper mechanics will be documented on the draft form and the aggregate performance (i.e. excellent, poor) will be reported on the final report. Each evaluee will receive a brief overview of proper body mechanics at completion of the screening process.

Job Considerations

Psychological/Mental – analytical abilities, memory, problem-solving and creativity

Physiological- Potential Exposures: Electrical equipment

Cognitive-Communication and collaboration with other co-workers, physicians, other employees, and patients and families; prioritizing and time management; persuasiveness and judgment

Environmental-no special considerations

Protective Equipment- no special considerations

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Review/Revision Date: Reviewed/Revised by: _____________



I have read and understand that the qualifications, responsibilities and essential functions listed above are required of this position, which I am capable of performing.

Accepted by: _______________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Employee Signature


Salary Band:
Pay Grade 3

Location and Work Requirements