Weekend Registered Nurse Job Opening

Weekend Registered Nurse

East Alabama Mental Health Center

Opelika, Alabama
Category: Nurse

Summary: Provides and coordinates medical services provided to consumers. Monitors the medical condition of consumers and ensures that the necessary medical care is provided to these consumers. Responsible for securing appropriate care if unable to provide care indicated. Responsible for the supervision and safety of consumers.

Medical Services: Responsible for monitoring the medical condition of consumers on a regular basis and for obtaining appropriate medical care when indicated. Performs nursing assessments and makes recommendations regarding consumer physical and emotional health, relating to diet, hygiene, behavior, etc. Consults, on a regular basis, with physicians and psychiatrists regarding medical issues. Ensures blood pressure and pulse checks are taken and documented regularly. Ensures height and weight checks are documented on a weekly/monthly basis as indicated by the program. Monitors seizure records. Monitors medical records to ensure that regular doctor and dental visits are scheduled. Provides emergency medical care as needed and ensures that emergency supply kits are properly stocked. Collects laboratory specimens and assists direct care staff in the collection of routine stool specimens, sputum, etc. When behavioral abnormalities or side effects are observed, consults with program director or clinical staff as appropriate. Consults with family members and other Center staff regarding medical concerns and medical follow-up. Ensures infection control policies and procedures are followed. Ensures doctor orders are followed. Provides educational groups for consumers and family members. Provides individual patient education services.

Medication: Administers medications as prescribed and/or assigns this responsibility appropriately. Ensures written orders are obtained on all medication administered. May take physician orders over the phone. Ensures that phone orders are reviewed and signed by the physician in accordance with the Center’s Policy & Procedures. Documents all prescription and non-prescription medications received. Monitors individual consumer medications to ensure a locked status and appropriate content. Inventories consumer medications as assigned. Ensures that new medication forms are completed when new medications are received. Responsible for checking medication logs to determine the need for medication re-evaluation and/or refills. Responsibility for Medication Administration Records monthly and functional assessments for all consumers. Receives and prepares MARs for new residential consumers and consumers on temporary visits from a State Hospital. May teach consumers to be independent medicators.

Consumer Care and Indirect Services: Participates in treatment team and consultation meetings. Participates in decision making regarding placement and services needed to keep consumers in the community. May be responsible for ensuring that each consumer's physical needs are met, including clothing, personal hygiene, and grooming needs. Ensures that consumer rights are observed and protected. May be responsible for assisting direct care staff with the supervision of consumers during program activities. Makes bed checks as assigned. May assist consumers with grooming and caring for personal hygiene, including nail care. May lead didactic groups and classes relating to physical and emotional health, including, but not limited to, nutrition, sex education, personal hygiene. Identifies safety hazards and initiates corrective action. May perform routine household tasks and/or chores, including meal preparation. Ensures meals prepared follow

menu approved by dietician. Models appropriate social skills. Ensures compliance with special diets. May schedule consumer appointments. May lift consumers and/or provide other physical intervention as indicated.

Transportation: Transports consumers as needed. May transport consumers in Center and/or personal vehicle. Must have reliable transportation and be willing to transport consumers. Responsible for maintaining personal liability insurance coverage. Follows all traffic laws. Immediately reports any Center vehicle malfunction to supervisory or maintenance staff. Maintains safe driving record and attends defensive driving course as assigned. Completes written vehicle records as assigned. Wears seat belt and ensures that passengers wear their seatbelts. Transports children under the age of 12 in the rear seat of the vehicle (including one's personal vehicle). Utilizes cellular phones for emergencies only; no use of cellular phones during transporting. Ensures the security of Center credit cards. Immediately notifies Human Resources of all accidents or motor vehicle violations (whether on the job or off). Transports medications to be destroyed to Center’s pharmacist.

Staff Meetings: Attends regularly scheduled staff meetings. Reports observations of consumer physical and mental health status, including medical problems. Reports observations of behavior problems. Implements recommendations made during staffings.

Documentation: Documents incidents and/or unusual problems immediately. Writes progress notes as assigned. Collects and documents behavioral data as assigned. Records daily consumer information in day log. Completes routine Center forms. Documents medication administration and medication monitoring. Logs in new medications and documents medications to be destroyed.

Inservice Training: Completes inservice training as required by Center policy and/or otherwise assigned by supervisory staff. Ensures documentation of attendance. Ensures training required for licensure or certification. Participates in training activities to increase skills and become more knowledgeable in methods and techniques used in the care of consumers and in the use and effects of psychotropic drugs. Provides specialized training to other staff as assigned, i.e. medication administration, lifting, CPR, 1st Aid. Certified in PCM, level to be determined by program location.

Policies and Procedures: Reads Center policies and procedures on a regular basis. Follows policies and procedures. Maintains consumer and staff confidentiality. Adheres to ethical standards as outlined by policy or profession. Assists new employees in following established policies and procedures. Observes infection control procedures.

Other Duties: Performs other duties and tasks as assigned. May be responsible for basic clerical tasks, including data entry. Reports safety hazards immediately and initiates corrective action as appropriate. Reports to work as scheduled and in a timely manner and attends meetings and staffings as assigned. Serves on Center teams, committees, councils, and/or workgroups as assigned. May be required to work a variable schedule, including evening, night and weekend

hours. Works cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors. Is a "team" player and maintains a positive team attitude. Maintains an appropriate appearance. Meets or exceeds productivity requirements as assigned. Maintains behavior consistent with ethical and professional guidelines. Is motivated and enthusiastic, offers appropriate suggestions and initiates ideas to improve Center services. May be required to be certified in case management.

Supervision and Authority: Directly supervised by the Director of Nursing (may be supervised by the program supervisor in consultation with the Director of Nursing as needed). Responsible for exercising caution, initiative, and appropriate judgement in carrying out the duties of this position. Provides medical supervision to direct care staff. May supervise Licensed Practical Nurses. Follows the Alabama Nurse Practice Act.

Minimum Qualifications: Registered Nurse. Psychiatric nursing experience preferred. Knowledge of psychotropic medications preferred. Valid driver's license and safe driving record. Must meet conditional employment requirements.