Registered Nurse $3,000 Hire on bonus! *Travel Bonus if you live 40 miles or more from Tecumseh Nebraska* Job Opening

Registered Nurse $3,000 Hire on bonus! *Travel Bonus if you live 40 miles or more from Tecumseh Nebraska*

Belle Terrace

Tecumseh, Nebraska
Category: Nurse RN

The primary purpose of the Registered Nurse position is to provide direct nursing care to the residents, and to supervise the day-to-day nursing activities performed by nursing assistants and LPN’s. Such supervision must be in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern our facility, and as may be required by the Director of Nursing Services or Nurse Supervisor to ensure that the highest degree of quality care is maintained at all times.


1. Inform nursing personnel of new admissions, their expected time of arrival, room assignment, etc.

2. Ensure that rooms are ready for new admissions.

3. Greet newly admitted residents upon admission. Escort them to their rooms as necessary.

4. Participate in the orientation of new residents/family members to the facility.

5. Make rounds with physicians as necessary.

6. Requisition and arrange for diagnostic and therapeutic services, as ordered by the physician, and in accordance with our established procedures.

7. Consult with the resident’s physician in providing the resident’s care, treatment, rehabilitation, etc., as necessary.

8. Review the resident’s chart for specific treatments, medication orders, diets, etc., as necessary.

9. Implement and maintain established nursing objectives and standards.

10. Make periodic checks to ensure that prescribed treatments are being properly administered by certified nursing assistants and to evaluate the resident’s physical and emotional status.

11. Ensure that direct nursing care be provided by a licensed nurse, a certified nursing assistant, and/or a nurse aide trainee qualified to perform the procedure.

12. Cooperate with and coordinate social and activity programs with nursing service schedules.

13. Notify the resident’s attending physician when the resident is involved in an accident or incident.

14. Notify the resident’s attending physician and next-of-kin when there is a change in the resident’s condition.

15. Carry out restorative and rehabilitative programs, to include self-help and care.

16. Inspect the nursing service treatment areas daily to ensure that they are maintained in a clean and safe manner.

17. Administer professional services such as; catheterization, tube feedings, suction, applying and changing dressings/bandages, packs, colostomy, and drainage bags, taking blood, giving massages and range of motion exercises, care for the dead and dying, etc., as required.

18. Obtain sputum, urine, and other specimens for lab tests as ordered.

19. Take and record TPRs, blood pressures, etc., as necessary.

20. Monitor seriously ill residents as necessary.

21. Check foods brought into the facility by the resident’s family/visitors to ensure that it is within the resident’s dietary allowances. Report problem areas to the Nurse Supervisor and Dietary Supervisor.

22. Ensure that personnel providing direct care to residents are providing such care in accordance with the resident’s care plan and wishes.

23. Ensure that residents who are unable to call for help are checked frequently.

24. Meet with residents, and/or family members, as necessary. Report problem areas to the Nurse Supervisor.

25. Admit, transfer and discharge residents as necessary.

26. Assist in arranging transportation for discharged residents as necessary.

27. Ensure that discharged residents are escorted to the pick-up area.

28. Inform family members of the death of the resident.

29. Call funeral homes when requested by the family. Ensure that established post-mortem procedures are followed.