Hospice Registered Nurse (FT/PT/PRN) Job Opening

Hospice Registered Nurse (FT/PT/PRN)

Accord Hospice

Sedona, Arizona
Category: Nurse

Accord Hospice is looking for a registered nurse who is interested in Hospice Care and who would like part time to possible full time/Part time or PRN work.Assist field staff with developing hospice patient care competencies.Actively partnering and communicating with physician offices and facilities to establish and coordinate patient needs and care plans
Serving as a liaison between referral sources, patients’ caregivers and employees
Serve as an agency resource person with knowledge of the regulatory Medicare guidelines. Assist in supervision of staffs’ adherence to policies and procedures.
Assure patient care to be of the highest quality by providing guidance, direction and oversight for the clinical team. Review referrals, update and communicate any changes as needed.Ensure staff meets quality, safety and competency requirements through new staff orientation and ongoing training and development

Job Requirements:

  • Critical-Thinking Skills: Hospice nurses will need to assess a patient's situation, as well as detect changes in symptoms, health or pain, and will need to know when action is necessary.
  • Compassion: Hospice nurses help people at the end of their lives. They need to be sympathetic to a patient's needs, and be able to deal with people in various states of pain, trauma and tragedy.
  • Attention to Detail: Hospice nurses can help doctors administer medications, monitor vital signs and subtle changes in a patient's health. Attention to detail is crucial.
  • Organizational Skills: Hospice nurses will face patients with differing needs, stages of health and risks. Being organized and knowing how to prioritize will be helpful.
  • Calm Under Pressure: Hospice nurses might face emergency situations. Being able to function in the heat of emergency will be necessary.
  • Patience: Giving care under stressful circumstances requires patience.
  • Communication Skills: Hospice nurses have a close relationship with patients who are scared, in pain or still coming to terms with their death. Families will have questions and want answers. Hospice nurses will need to be a patient listener and good communicator to help keep everyone calm and help them understand the situation.


1. Prepares clinical notes and updates the primary physician when necessary.

2. Communicates with the physician regarding the patient’s needs and reports any changes in the patient’s condition; obtains/receives physician’s orders as required.

3. Communicates with community health related persons to coordinate the care plan.

Additional Duties

1. Participates in on-call duties as defined by the on-call policy.

2. Ensures that arrangements for equipment and other necessary items and services are available.

3. Instructs, supervises and evaluates hospice care provided every two (2) weeks.

Job Type: Full-time

Benefits offered:

  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement benefits or accounts
  • Flexible schedules
  • Workplace perks such as food/coffee and flexible work schedules

Relocation Assistance Provided:

  • No