Graduate Administrative Assistant - ACE Tutoring Services Student Athlete Support - FALL2019 Job Opening

Graduate Administrative Assistant - ACE Tutoring Services Student Athlete Support - FALL2019

Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville, Alabama
Category: Unit Clerk

The duties of the Graduate Administrative Assistant, under the supervision of the faculty and/or staff may include: assisting faculty, as well as other academic support duties, and departmental operational needs, and other associated and clerical duties as assigned.

Positions will be filled based on individual applicant's skills, qualification and departmental needs.

Graduate Administrative Assistants are expected to work 20 hours per week during a fall or spring semester, or a full summer term. (Full summer term = May, June and July). Graduate Administrative Assistants working a fall or spring semester, or a full summer term will receive $2,080, disbursed in monthly payments. Graduate Administrative Assistants will also receive a fellowship for 6 to 9 hours of graduate coursework for a fall or spring semester, or a full summer term, and a waiver of the general university fees.

If you choose to apply for employment as a graduate student at JSU, your transcripts and letters of recommendation will be reviewed by personnel from the units who have posted a graduate assistantship position.

Eligibility Requirements for Graduate Assistantship positions:

  • Must be classified as a graduate or doctoral student at JSU.
  • Must be enrolled in a graduate or doctoral degree program at JSU.
  • Must be enrolled in required coursework towards the degree. The Graduate Assistantship will not pay for courses not in the degree program plan of study/checklist.
  • Must hold the minimum required GPA for the degree program.
  • Must be enrolled at JSU in six to nine graduate semester hours in a fall or spring semester or six to nine graduate semester hours in a full summer term. (Full summer term = May, June and July). An exception to this requirement may be made by the Director of Graduate Studies, under the following circumstances:
  • If a student is classified as a graduate student and is required to take undergraduate courses for the graduate degree (foundation courses for the MBA degree, undergraduate deficiency courses, foundation courses for Computer Systems and Software Design program, etc.). The Graduate Assistantship will only pay for these courses if they are documented via memo from the student’s advisor to the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • If a student has made satisfactory progress toward obtaining the graduate degree and needs fewer than six (6) graduate semester hours available to complete the degree, the student may be considered for an assistantship.
  • If a student does not intend to work as an assistant for all summer terms (May, June and July), the student must take either three (3) graduate hours for each summer term worked, or a total of six (6) graduate hours over a full summer term.
  • If a student will hold a Graduate Teaching Assistantship during a summer term, the student may be allowed to enroll in only one (1) graduate hour to be considered for the assistantship.
  • Must not be holding another campus job.
  • A graduate assistant is prohibited from accepting, receiving, or being credited for other forms of tuition scholarships from the university. Scholarship from sources outside of the university will not be prohibited.
  • It is preferred that a Graduate Teaching Assistant not teach and take a class during the same summer term. Any student wanting to teach and take a class in the same summer term must be granted permission by the Director of Graduate Studies prior to enrolling in the course.
  • It should be noted that the graduate assistantship tuition scholarship may affect the amount of federal financial aid for which students are eligible. The graduate assistant will be responsible for determining if there is any impact on eligibility of other financial aid programs.
  • International graduate assistantships must be certified by the Director of the International House and Programs to perform duties and receive compensation.

Notice Regarding International Students:

  • All International Students must receive clearance for employment from the International House and Programs.
  • Please visit International Programs website for additional information:
  • Due to Visa requirements international students must be enrolled as a full-time JSU student and possess each of the following:
  • Passport from their respective country.
  • F-1 Student Visa or J-1 Exchange Student Visa.
  • U.S. Customs Form I-94.
  • Official photo identification.
  • Official Social Security Card imprinted with “Valid for Work Only” or similar statement.

Required Documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript