Behavior Assistant Job Opening

Behavior Assistant

East Alabama Mental Health Center

Opelika, Alabama

Summary: Provides behavioral services to consumers and families. Responsible for the supervision and safety of consumers.

Minimum 2 years college coursework REQUIRED.

Consumer Care: Supervises consumer activities, including classroom activities, outings, and training. Assists with hygiene and grooming needs of consumers. Assists with lunch time activities. Ensures consumer safety. Follows a schedule of activities. Assists consumers as needed. Monitors consumer physical and mental health, ensuring that consumer needs are met and maintained. Assists consumers as needed, to include lifting and other physical intervention as needed. May administer consumer medication as prescribed by a physician and accompany consumer to medical appointments. Reports and documents incidents and/or unusual problems to supervisory or on-call staff. Models appropriate social skills. Ensures consumer rights are observed and protected. Completes program chores as assigned, i.e. cleaning and maintaining the facility and grounds as assigned, ensuring materials are maintained and organized, purchasing supplies, and washing and drying consumer clothing. Ensures compliance with special diets. Reports documentation of medical concerns to medical staff. Reports documentation of behavioral concerns to supervisor or Behavior Analyst.

Program/Behavioral Services: Assists in implementation of the consumer’s treatment, habilitation, and/or service plans. Develops and implements daily lesson plans. Leads groups as assigned. Implements one-on-one services as required. Intervenes in crises as needed. Assists in development of training goals and behavior plans. Implements behavior management procedures as assigned and/or as indicated by a contingency program or the individual’s behavior plan. Implements classroom management programs (i.e., token store or level systems, ensures consumers are in appropriate areas). Maintains physical appearance of the classroom. Requests materials as needed from supervisor. Completes fire drills and severe weather drills. Read consumer records and ensures familiarity with each consumer’s social and medical history.

Transportation: Transports consumers as needed. May transport consumers in Center and/or personal vehicle. Responsible for maintaining personal liability insurance coverage. Follows all traffic laws. Immediately reports any Center vehicle malfunction to supervisory or maintenance staff. Maintains safe driving record and attends defensive driving course as assigned. Completes written vehicle records as assigned. Wears seat belt and ensures that passengers wear their seatbelts. Transports children under the age of 12 in the rear seat of the vehicle (including one's personal vehicle). Utilizes cellular phones for emergencies only. No cellular phone use while transporting. Ensures the security of Center credit cards. Immediately notifies Human Resources of all accidents or motor vehicle violations (whether on the job or off).

Staff Meetings: Attends regularly scheduled staff meetings. Reports observations of individual's behaviors. Implements recommendations made during staffing.

Documentation: Documents incidents and/or unusual problems immediately. Writes progress notes as assigned. Collects and documents behavioral and training data. Records daily individual information in day log. Completes routine Center forms. Documents medication administration.

Other Duties: Performs other duties and tasks as assigned. May be responsible for basic clerical tasks. Reports safety hazards immediately and initiates corrective action as appropriate. Reports to work as scheduled and in a timely manner and attends meetings and staffings as assigned. Serves on Center teams, committees, councils, and/or workgroups as assigned. Works cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors. Is a "team" player and maintains a positive team attitude. Maintains an appropriate appearance. Maintains behavior consistent with ethical and professional guidelines. Is motivated and enthusiastic, offers appropriate suggestions and initiates ideas to improve Center services.

Supervision and Authority: Directly supervised by the Behavior Analyst or Program Director. Responsible for exercising caution, initiative, and appropriate judgment in carrying out the duties of this position.

Two or more years of college or bachelor’s degree. Course work in psychology preferable. Experience with Microsoft Word & Excel preferred. Ability to work with minimal supervision and interact positively with staff and special needs individuals. Valid driver's license and safe driving record. Must meet conditional employment requirements.