Behavioral Aide Residential AM Job Opening

Behavioral Aide Residential AM

AltaPointe Health

Robertsdale, Alabama
Category: Home Health Aide

AltaPointe’s Adult Residential Services are designed for consumers with serious and persistent mental illness who require social rehabilitation and community support. Combining medical, nursing and clinical services, our staff provides care and treatment for more than 200 adults in need of intensive service provision. The Adult Residential Services Program consists of group homes, which are supervised 24 hours/day when consumers are on the premises. Expected outcomes are the same for each adult group home: to prevent re-hospitalization and to maximize and maintain successful community placement. Residential care focuses on the rehabilitation and return to the community of seriously mentally ill consumers.


Behavioral Aides in the residential setting are responsible for providing basic observation and monitoring of consumers in the group home, providing daily assessment of consumer’s behavior, providing training on basic living skills, transporting the consumers to appointments and outings, distributing the consumer’s medication, assisting consumers with personal care, and the preparation of the consumer’s meals.

Essential Functions
  • Provides ongoing monitoring and interaction with consumers to include training on basic living skills (BLS) according to assessed needs and implementation of behavioral plans if applicable
  • Meets daily productivity standards through individual and group BLS services
  • Assists consumers with personal care issues (bathing, toileting, and other personal hygiene issues), medication use, chores, and safety issues
  • Demonstrates the willingness to work at any ARS facility based on staffing needs
  • Preparation of consumer meals according to consumer’s individualized dietary orders, posted menus and responsible for stocking of food and household items
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize the elements of a crisis state and takes a proactive approach to deescalate or resolve the situation
  • Ongoing compliance with Nurse Delegation Program, including recertification requirements
  • Ensures adherence to the posted household schedule, individual appointments, and implements planned activities
  • Transports consumers to and from appointments/outings
  • Models appropriate behavior including communication skills, grooming, manners, etc.
  • Works with consumers and staff to ensure house cleanliness
  • Performs hand off communication at shift change and effectively collaborates with the treatment team members
  • Complies with routine health and safety tasks for both house and vehicles
  • Reports accident or driving violations to supervisor and human resources
  • Seeks supervision and consultation as needed
  • Accepts and employs suggestions for improvement
  • Attends regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Demonstrates the willingness to work at any ARS facility based on staffing needs
  • Documents in a timely fashion per AltaPointe policy
  • Documents in a legible manner, types of consumer services on a progress note
  • Documents detailed BLS services provided, individualized consumer responses, and progress toward goals
  • Treats consumers with care, dignity and compassion
  • Respects consumer’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Is pleasant and cooperative with others
  • Assists consumers and visitors as needed
  • Personal values don’t inhibit ability to relate and care for others
  • Is sensitive to the consumer’s needs, expectations and individual differences
  • Is gentle and calm with consumers and families
  • Actively participates in Performance Improvement activities
  • Actively participates in AltaPointe committees as required
  • Completes assigned tasks in a timely manner
  • Follows AltaPointe policies and procedures
  • Attends appropriate in-services training and other workshops
  • Any other duties that are assigned by supervisor or designee
Physical Requirements
  • There is frequent to constant standing while organizing/stocking groceries,
  • Sitting is frequent by nature; however, extended sitting could be up to 1.5 hours for documentation and 1 hour for group time
  • Walking various distances on grounds can be frequent and the furthest distance would be up to 300 feet
  • Squatting/lunging frequently to stock/organize groceries/supplies in pantry and to retrieve pots/pans needed for cooking and to lift pans out of the oven
  • Strong grasp is needed frequently to constantly handle groceries/supplies when lifting, and while cooking
  • Fine Manipulation for writing and handling paperwork
  • Pushing/pulling force 5 pounds force (horizontal) to open standing freezer doors to access groceries
  • Lifting various ranges from the floor to overhead with weights up to 5-15 pounds frequently, 30-40 pounds from the floor to 48 inches to stock groceries/supplies occasionally, 50 pounds from floor to waist 1-2 times per day
  • There may be times when mopping, sweeping, making beds, washing/drying clothes for consumers may be done
  • Any other duties that are assigned by supervisor


High School Diploma is Required.