Occupational Therapist Job Opening

Occupational Therapist

Bay Bluffs

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Occupational Therapist (OT)/PRN
Aid in the restoration and enhancement of independent function in those
individuals whose independent living status has been compromised by illness
and/or injury. Must be have registration or be State licensed in Michigan.
Competitive wage based on training and experience. Send resume to HR, Bay
Bluffs ECMCF, 750 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs MI 49740 or fax to 231-526-
8467 or view www.baybluffs.org and apply on line. E.O.E


1. Provide resident treatment which meets their needs, and uses current treatment knowledge in

accordance with the Facility or those of contract site clinical procedures. This includes but is not
limited to:
a. Performing accurate, comprehensive resident evaluations.

b. Developing effective plan of treatment and obtaining appropriate approvals from
referring physician.

c. Utilizing appropriate evaluation tools and completing accurate evaluations.
d. Communicating with supervisor and other Interdisciplinary Team members regarding

resident progress, problems and plans.

e. Instructing residents’ families and/or nursing staff in specified follow through programs.
f. Interviewing residents and families regarding previous level of functioning, life style, and

current and future expectations.
g. Demonstrating knowledge of appropriate resources for problem-solving and clinical

h. Evaluating residents within facility-specific time frame.
i. Assessing, training and issuing necessary ADL adaptive equipment and durable medical

equipment for residents to facilitate independence in ADLs.
2. Provide accurate, complete and clear documentation in accordance with the Facility’s or those

of contract sites, regulatory, licensing, payer and accrediting requirements. This includes but is
not limited to:
a. Recording screenings, evaluations, daily treatment, 10-visit, monthly and discharge

summary notes in accordance with the Facility’s procedures and governmental

b. Recording treatment charges and insuring that documentation is consistent with billing

c. Writing specific, objective documentation that is outcome oriented and details the
resident’s needs, potential to benefit from treatment and progress achieved to date.
Includes specific, objective, measurable goals.

d. Managing Medicare denial process in conjunction with Financial Department.
e. Acquiring and documenting consents/approvals for treatment when necessary.

3. Consistently demonstrate the Facility’s inter-disciplinary approach to resident care. This
includes but is not limited to:
a. Integrating findings of other members of the Interdisciplinary Team in treatment

assessment and recommendations.

b. Integrating input from resident and family in treatment assessment and

c. Preparing for and providing meaningful contributions to the Interdisciplinary Team
Conferences, the Resident Care Conferences, family conferences and caregiver training

d. Collaborating with and informing facility staff in areas of resident progress.
e. Educating members of the team in areas of expertise.
f. Working with facility to teach documentation practices, which assist the therapy team.
g. Communicating effectively with discharge planners.

h. Co-treating residents with other disciplines as appropriate to facilitate resident progress
and uses knowledge/expertise from other team members.

4. Contribute to professional development of self and others. This includes but is not limited to:
a. Utilize continuing education assistance to achieve targeted quality improvements.

b. Interact with peers when appropriate.
c. Presenting effectively at weekly team conferences, facility in-services and professional

c. Maintain state-of-the-art body of knowledge in areas of clinical expertise through

seminars, professional journals and peers.
5. Aid in building and maintaining the Facility’s reputation as a professional member of staff. This

includes but is not limited to:
a. Consistently demonstrating the Facility’s core values in interactions with co-workers,

residents and families, with all other persons involved with the resident’s care, and the
general public.

b. Consistently demonstrating professional standards as outlined in the Facility’s Employee

c. Contribute to a positive work team by sharing information, using problem-solving
methods and accepting new ideas, criticism or advice from others.

d. Actively participating in and supporting marketing activities as requested.
e. Demonstrating superior customer service through courtesy, consistent follow-up and

positive communication.
f. Demonstrating innovative, productive and cost-effective use of non-patient care hours.

6. Demonstrates safe working practices. This includes but is not limited to:
a. Identifying and correcting safety hazards or notifying the Safety Committee so that
safety hazards will be immediately remedied.

b. Maintaining equipment in safe working order.
c. Maintaining work areas in a safe and orderly fashion.

d. Using proper body mechanics during treatments of residents and during support

e. Attending and participating in all facility and department safety meetings.
f. Using universal safety precautions.
g. Wearing appropriate safety equipment.
7. Performs all other duties as assigned.


An employee in this class should have the equivalent of the following knowledge, training and
Understanding of the principles of physical modalities employed in physical therapy.

Knowledge of use of prosthetic and orthotic devices, ambulatory aides, assistive and resistive
devices and training.
Communication skills to include diplomacy, good judgment and other interpersonal skills.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary.

Ability to work with all types and levels of staff, residents, and families.
Required training and experience includes Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Occupational
Therapy from an accredited university. Two to three years experience in a skill nursing facility
rehab environment preferred. Rehab experience required. Current Occupational Therapist
Registration/State Licensure as required.

Position reports to: Director of Therapy Services
Position Supervises: Occupational Therapy Assistants, if applicable.

Blood-Borne Pathogens: The employee signing this job description may have a reasonably anticipated
risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens; but not limited to blood and / or other infectious material,
as the result of duties required to perform his / her job.