Massage Therapist Job Opening

Massage Therapist

OLS Hotels & Resorts

Sedona, Arizona
Category: Massage Therapist

Provide consistent professional spa massage and body treatments compliant with spa protocols and accepted documentation practices to create a healthy stress free environment for relaxing and to meet the needs of guests in accordance with OLS Standards


  • Using comprehensive knowledge of various massage modalities and common understanding of body treatments, evaluate clients by conducting various motion and muscle testing and suggest treatment plans in accordance with spa’s specific massage and body healing offerings.
  • Perform prep work, correctly clean and restock room as necessary upholding the standards of hygiene and sterilization as directed by law and the spa’s policies and procedures to maintain a clean and sanitized work environment.
  • Handle guests’ queries and concerns efficiently and politely and provide exact, suitable and instant responses to all requests by guests.
  • Possess the aptitude to work with no direct supervision and maintain a constructive attitude to add to quality work environment.
  • Maintain and replace linens between appointments.
  • Order and maintain linens and creams.
  • Maintain client schedule and maintain records of clients and services provided.
  • Practice healthcare protocol and maintain physical fitness.
  • Properly care for tools and use proper amounts of manufactured goods to assist with cost controls.


  • Perform special projects and other responsibilities as assigned.
  • Regularly present at, take part in and support training and staff meetings for the spa
  • Help in all areas of spa operation as requested by organization
  • Actively support the spa, treatments, services and retail, in addition to programs, promotions and/or discounts obtainable
  • Executing professional boundaries and does not engage in dual relationships with clients
  • Converse to management any and all occurrences connecting staff or guests in the spa that require notice
  • Efficiently inform and teach guests concerning specific wellness concerns


  • Abide by payroll policies, procedures (punch in/punch out), Meals and Rest Periods policy and OLS Rules of Conduct.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of all hotel safety and security procedures as required maintaining a secure and safe environment for employees as well as guests.
  • Report any unusual occurrences and/or request to the General Manager.
  • Read and abide by all the regulations and rules of conduct stated in the employee handbook.


Education: High school or equivalent; Must hold and maintain a current state of employment license; 500 hours of massage training from an accredited school.

Experience: Minimum one-year experience providing massage services in a high-end salon or luxury spa environment.
Proficient in all components of massage therapy, e.g., anatomy, physiology, body mechanics and various types of massage.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Able to read and speak English; able to lift, push, carry 20 - 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to stand for an entire shift and be able to move throughout the Spa/hotel areas.
  • Must be able to work holidays, weekends, and flexible shifts/hours.
  • Physically capable of using the required equipment and/or tools specific to position.

No. of employees supervised: Zero_____ employees

Hours Required: Scheduled days and times may vary based on need

Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying Describe the type(s) of required lifting, pushing, pulling, and/or carrying to include objects, weights and frequency.

Lifting 20 - 50 lbs.

Pushing 20-50 lbs.

Carry 10-20 lbs.

No Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying Required.


Bending/Kneeling Describe the type(s) of required bending and/or kneeling to include when, why and how often.

Ability to bend to lower level cabinets and storage room Bend to lift tools

No Bending/Kneeling Required.


Mobility Describe the type(s) of mobility required to include distances and % of time involved.

Maneuver in narrow areas

Stationary Position


Continuous Standing Describe the reasons to include time period and frequency.

Standing required servicing guest(s) 100% of time scheduled

No Continuous Standing Required.


Climbing Stairs: Up to approx.__12__steps__20__% of__8 hours___

(time period)

Ladders: Up to approx.______feet______% of_____________

(time period)

No Climbing Required.


Driving Describe type of vehicle, distances, % of time involved and frequency.

X No Driving Required.


Work Environment Inside: 95 % of 8 hours _

(time period)

Outside: 5 % of 8 hours

(time period

Describe any abnormal temperature exposures: None

Hearing Critical X Moderate Minimal

Explain: Communicate with supervisor, co-workers, and guests


Vision Critical X Moderate Minimal

Explain: View set-up; serve guests


Speech Critical X Moderate Minimal

Explain: Communicate with supervisor, co-workers, and guests


Literacy Critical X Moderate Minimal

Explain: Read & understand instructions on BEOs


Chemicals/Agents Describe any chemicals/agents to include what they are, warnings and frequency of use.

Cleaning agents for SPA tools- 30% of the time

No Chemicals/Agents Used.


Protective Clothing Type: Slip-resistant footwear

Approx. 100 % of scheduled shift

(time period)

None Required.


Equipment Operation List type of equipment and frequency of use.

Spa equipment/tables

None Required.


Other Considerations