Physical Therapist - PRN Job Opening

Physical Therapist - PRN

Champion, Partners in Rehab

Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Category: Massage Therapist

The Staff Physical Therapist shall be responsible for providing quality physical therapy services and assisting in departmental operation.

Responsible for: The Staff Physical Therapist's primary responsibilityis to organize and render physical therapy services.

Physical Demands:
Work is medium and consists of lifting and carrying equipment, supplies, and materials up to 50 pounds without help, over 50 pounds with help of mechanical devices or other personnel. Stooping, pushing, and pulling when moving patient or equipment into position for treatment. Reaching when moving patient or equipment into position for treatment. Reaching for, handling, feeling, and manipulating equipment and patient when giving treatments. Talking and hearing to convey instructions and information to patients and staff members. Visual acuity to perceive reactions to treatment and to read instructions. Work inside.

Special Demands:
The Staff Physical Therapist demonstrates the knowledge and manual skills necessary for performing quality patient care. Has a preference for working with people and is able to motivate them to achieve optimum performance. Demonstrates the oral and written skills necessary to understand medical terminology, to communicate with staff, patients, and physicians, and to prepare meaningful reports. Has the knowledge of statistics and forms required for maintaining accurate departmental and patient records. Understands basic concepts of management, has good problem solving skills, and is able to supervise supportive personnel. Performs self-evaluation and accepts criticism in a constructive manner. Demonstrates dedication to the professional through reliable and reasonable behavior.4

Education: A minimum level of B.S. degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited institution offering training in this specialty.
Experience: When educational requirements are met, no previous experience is necessary, but would be desirable.
Registered: Must be licensed by the Alabama State of Physical Therapy.

Has the authority to perform physical therapy procedures as prescribed by a medical doctor or dentist.

Primary Duties:
1. Evaluates patients referred to Physical Therapy to determine their current physical and functional status, and, assesses their potential benefit from physical therapy services.
2. Plans and conducts a therapy program for patients referred to Physical Therapy. The program could include the use of exercise, massage, thermal agents, water, light, and/or electricity.
3. Applies diagnostic and prognostic muscle, nerve, joint, and functional ability tests. Directs and aids patients in active and passive exercises, muscle re-education, and gait and functional training. Utilizes exercise equipment such as pulleys and weights, steps,uneven, and inclined surfaces.
4. Makes use of equipment such as muscle and nerve stimulators, ultrasound machines, and other therapeutic electrical machines.
5. Gives whirlpool and contrast baths and applies moist heat and cold packs.
6. Directs patients in the care and use of wheelchairs, braces, canes, crutches, walkers, and prosthetic and orthopedic devices.
7. Gives instruction in posture control and therapeutic procedures to be continued by the patient.
8. Adapts conventional physical therapy techniques to meet the needs of patients unable to comprehend verbal commands or voluntarily carry out a regime of therapeutic exercises.
9. Observes, records, and reports patient's condition, reactions and responses.
10. Directs and supervises activities of supportive personnel. Conducts and participates in training of Physical Therapy Technicians and Physical-Therapist Assistants in physical therapy techniques and objectives.
11. Provides a safe, clean Physical Therapy Department.
12. Performs related duties as assigned.
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